• Economic Debate

👇👇گفتگوی داغ و جنجالی مختار لشگری با رولا غنی Economic Debate - Economic Optimisim 29.10.2014 مناظره ی اقتصادی: خوشبینی های در مورد بهبود وضعیت اقتصادی و سرمایه گذاری مهمانان: وفی الله افتخار، رییس عمومی اداره‌ی حمایه سرمایه گذاری افغانستان مزمل شینواری، معین وزارت تجارت و صنایع خانجان الکوزی، معاون هیأت مدیره اتاق تجارت و صنایع شیرباز کمین زاده، رییس اتحادیه سرتاسری صنایع افغانستان

Economic Debate 24.26.2014 مناظره اقتصادی- سکتور زراعت و اقتصاد زراعتی
Economic Debate 23.04.2014 مناظره اقتصادی - شاخص انرژی برق در توسعه اقتصادی
Economic Debate 01.01.2014 مناظره اقتصادی - دلایل عدم رشد صنایع در افغانستان
Economic Debate 05.02.2014 مناظره اقتصادی - فناوری معلوماتی و تاثیر آن روی اقتصاد کشور
Economic Debate 13.11.2013 مناظره اقتصادی - گذار از سرمایه‌گذاری پروژه‌یی به سرمایه‌گذاری تولیدی
Economic Debate 03.10.2013 مناظره اقتصادی - اقتصاد از دیدگاه اسلام
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  • Economic Debate

    Economic Debate is training and acquaintance program in economy field which to launch by AISA in collaboration with 1Tv. The show aims to bold the economic issues and increase people’s awareness about economy role in cultural, political and economical vita of the society.

    That is to say that content operation of the show including the guest’s invitation is AISA’s responsibility.

    The discussed issues in Economic Debate: In the show we try to discuss the issues which count vital for empowerment of economic situation of our country. In economic debate we are eager to recognize the main challenges in economic field and offer our solutions in order to defeat those challenges.

    As we are getting closer to 2014, economic debate could be a source of certainty to investors and industrialists where governmental organs assure them about robust economic empowerment post 2014.

    Presenter: The one, who presents the program, is an economic expert and is aware about economic situation of Afghanistan, region and the world. The guests: Line ministries, economic experts, industrialists, private sector activists… are the program’s guests.

    Other participants: The other participants are chosen by AISA whom mostly are investors, traders, industrialists and students of economy faculties.

    Time: the maximum time for the program is estimated about 60 minutes. This program is airing once in a month.

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