• Shabkhand

شبخند - فکاهی جالب ازجلالی در باره مادر پیر و دختر جوان Shabkhand Funny Joke about old Mother & a Girl برای دیدن مکمل این برنامه روی این لینک کلیک کنید.

Shabkhand Joke about two Neighbors- فکاهی جالب مهمان برنامه در باره دوهمسایه
Shabkhand Joke about thief - فکاهی جالب مهمان برنامه در باره دزد
Shabkhand with Wayan Honarjo -Ep.107- شبخند با ویان هنرجو
Shabkhand Joke about Ugly King - فکاهی جالب مهمان برنامه در باره پادشاه
Shabkhand Joke - فکاهی جالب مهمان برنامه در باره خانم و شوهر دهاتی
Shabkhand with Nargis Soori -Ep.108- شبخند با نرگس سوری
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  • Shabkhand


    A night-time comedy show with famous singers and stars twice a week. It has different segments including monologue , jokes, interview with a celebrity guest and enacting.

    Shabkhand is a kind of program with millions of viewers.

    This program consists of sarcastic news, latest jokes and some comic subjects in the form of comedy and interview.

    The lead presenter of Shabkhand is Mohammad Rafi (Baba Chiraagh) who is also one of Afghanistan’s best comedians.

    Agha Byadar’s role as a cook puts more flavor to the program.

    Agha Byadar talks in the form of poems. Agha Byadar will perform jokes and at the beginning of the program. They will also be telling some jokes and having some jokes with each other.

    We invite two or more guests of different backgrounds such as famous singers and film makers in each program.

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