• Wakavi

واکاوی - قانون شرعی و وضعی - بخش اول Wakawi ----------------------------------------- مهمان برنامه محمد محق: نویسنده و پژوهشگر مطالعات اسلامی گرداننده: احمد ارشاد احرار تهیه کننده: عبدالمنیررامین رستمی

Wakawi 03.11.2017 واکاوی - هستی شناسی جریان های افراط گرای مسلمان
Wakavi Islamic Show 20.10.2017 واکاوی: انسان شناسی افراط گرایانه
Wakawi 13.10.2017 واکاوی - خداشناسی افراط گرایان
Wakawi - 06.10.2017 واکاوی - دنیا گریزی در اندیشه اسلامی
Wakawi - 29.09.2017 واکاوی - رنسانس
Wakawi - 22.09.2017 واکاوی - خودشفتگی دینی
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  • Wakavi

    Wakawi is a political-religious show which covers moderate perceptions of Islam in Afghanistan.

    Wakawi covers the most fundamental topics of Islam with realistic narratives.

    The program creates an opportunity for religious thinking and has attracted unique audience from thinkers’ community of the country.

    The program has one permanent host who is Mohammad Mohiq. He is a writer and a researcher on Islamic studies in the country, who has dozens of published religious and scientific works.

    The presenter of the program is Irshad Ihrar, a hardworking youth who increases your awareness about Islam by putting forward key questions related to a topic.

    Wakawi show is broadcast on 1TV at 10:30p.m. (Kabul time) on Fridays.

    Fans of the program can also watch it on their mobiles and computers via 1TV.af/live.


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1TV reaches a large percentage of highly educated and affluent viewers, targeting a younger audience and a greater share of the middle class.  Its aggressive national outreach and catchy programming make it one of the leading privately owned commercial television stations in Afghanistan.

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